Modemuseum Hasselt

Studio M created the graphic identity for the ‘Activewear’ exhibition at the fashion museum in Hasselt, which was curated by Olympic gold medalists Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée.

The graphic identity for Activewear is a customized animated font, which was translated into stills that were integrated into the campaign poster, invitation card, magazine, and audiovisual campaign.

Poster image and campaign:
Photography by Ronald Stoops, make-up by Inge Grognard, hair by Ed Moelands, fashion by Glen Martens for Y-Project.

Video: ‘Virtual Trophy’
Directed by Frederik Heyman, starring Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée.

Scenography by Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck.

Magazine design made in collaboration with Inge Rylant.


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